Life's a Bust

by Rik & the Pigs

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Exclusively released on the 2nd Lumpy mixtape in May of 2015


Hey hey hey yeah

An FBI investigator
Came a marching up my stairs
I stepped onto the elevator
met an ornery Alligator
He grieved, "I've got too many teeth
and it's such a chore to brush em
my dental bills keep going up and
my wife's leaving, she took the kids
ran off with her psychiatrist
I'm pissed, boy I need a lift"

Saw a bum walkin down the street
His hair was long and his shirt was green
He steamed , "I can't get no relief
Or satisfaction for that matter
I feel just like a hitless batter
Jump off a building they can watch me splatter
I'd jump just to end this slump"

Life dealt ya some crummy jeans
wear 501s in size 53
You failed high school and you still cant read
Fat and lonely
Age 63
One more you'll be 64
It sucks

Life's a bust


released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Rik & the Pigs Olympia, Washington

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