Pig Sweat b​/​w Feed The Animal

by Rik & the Pigs

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released November 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Rik & the Pigs Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Pig Sweat
Skidmarks on society
We're skidmarks on society
Glued in front of your TV
You're glued in front of your TV
Make it up and you'll believe
They make it up and you'll believe
They don't want equality
A capitalist economy
Gonna be the death of you
It's gonna be the death of me

1-2-3-4-5-6 psycho

I'm a dirty old shit
I'm a worthless fuck
Take me to the bridge
So I can jump off
I'm a miserable piss
I'm a selfish hog
Throw me in the water
And let me float off
Track Name: Feed The Animal
I got a crooked smile crawling cross my face man
Bet you don't know what I've been thinkin
Wanna love ya from the inside out
Gonna make ya twist and shout
Then you'll disappear without a sound
Naked body will never be found
Pieces scattered out amongst the trees
Torn apart by the gnashing of teeth

Feed the animal
Feed the animal
Scratching at my skull
Losing all control

See ya dancing from the corner of my eye
Hop on in and we'll take a ride
Sex lady do you wanna get high?
Little baby are you ready to die?
Sneak inside your dorm at 3 AM
We'll see who's laughing then (HA HA!)
Hammer comin down onto your head
They won't find you until you're dead